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Trout fly fishing in Norway

Lapland Trout Flies – Fly Fishing Team Finland’s Recipes for Northern Norway

Trout fly fishing in the rivers of Northern Norway is a highlight for many Nordic trout enthusiasts each season, and for good reason. Dense... Read More

Jasper with a Seychelles GT caught with one of our giant trevally flies

Our best GT flies for Seychelles – What to serve Farquhar, Cosmoledo and Alphonse Giant Trevally

What GT flies do you need in the giant trevally fly fishing capital of the world? Seychelles outer atolls Alphonse, Cosmoledo, Farquhar, As... Read More

Salmon from Midfjardará, Iceland

Riffling hitches and micro Iceland flies – the playbook for Midfjardará salmon fly fishing

Iceland’s Miðfjarðará, “the Queen of Rivers”, is one of the best places on this planet to hone your single-handed surface-fishing technique... Read More

Argentina sea trout from Rio Gallegos

Argentina Sea Trout Flies – equipping for destinations from Rio Gallegos to Rio Grande

How should you build your fly box for the sea trout trip of a lifetime? Argentina is famous for its sea trout rivers from Rio Gallegos in S... Read More

Finnmark flies for Lakselva, Repparfjordelva, Vestre Jakobselva, Syltefjordelva, Borselva and more

Flies for Finnmark salmon rivers – Arctic Fishing guides’ tips for Norther Norway

Vestre Jakobselva, Komagelva, Skallelva, Repparfjordelva, Syltefjordelva and Lakselva… These are just some of the many Finnmark salmon rive... Read More

Chrismtas presents and gift ideas for fly fishing

Fly Fishing Gift Ideas – Presents for Dad, Christmas or your fishing buddy!

Struggling to come up with fly fishing gift ideas for Christmas present inspiration for your friend, dad or other family member? We've ... Read More

Kengis Bruk lodge manager Aslak Lund talks about Baltic salmon fishing and Torne, Lainio, Kalix and Byske flies

Torne River flies – Kengis Bruk lodge manager Aslak Lund’s tips for chasing Baltic salmon

What are the most important Torne river flies and other Baltic salmon patterns for Swedish rivers? I sat down with Kengis Bruk lodge manage... Read More

Customer Testimonial: “I Don’t Like Fly Tying”

Mika Vainio is one of the most hardcore fly fishermen we know - so of course we wanted to hear about his relationship with flies (ours and ... Read More

Dry flies and summer brown trout in Kharlovka headwaters

Russia’s Kola Peninsula offers some of the world’s best fly fishing for wild brown trout. What’s even more exciting is that it can be p... Read More

Finnmark salmon fly fishing 101 – Chasing chromers and the right mindset in Norway

When a seasoned competitive angler switches to salmon fishing, it is about maximizing the joy of fishing, not the scorecard. Santeri Kinnun... Read More

Fly selection philosophy of a competition fly fisher – the Superflies of Jyrki Hiltunen’s fly box

What does the fly box of a Fly Fishing World Championships silver medalist look like? How does he select and rig flies for different techni... Read More

The perfect lighting conditions for trout streamer fishing

Trout fly fishing in Central Finland – Streamer tactics during the famous baitfish run

When competing in international fly fishing competitions, Jari Heikkinen from Team Finland usually relies on nymphs and dries. But it’s str... Read More