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Bonefish Flies

Bonefish flies for every flats adventure: whether you are heading to Yucatan, Florida Keys, Cuba, Bahamas, Seychelles or Hawaii. We’ve got you covered for bonefish (and permit for that matter, so do also check out our permit flies)!

The right bonefish flies will make or break your saltwater fly fishing experience – starting from choosing the right sizes, weights and flies for your destination. We strongly recommend contacting your local guide and doing some research, as conditions and preferences can be very destination-specific. However, we do have some general guidance for bonefish flies to move you in the right direction!

  • Yucatan and Belize. Mexico destinations like Xcalak, Punta Allen and the whole Riviera Maya, as well as over the border to Belize typically call for small #6-8 size bonefish flies. Having a selection of your standard Gotchas, Crazy Charlies and the likes will get you far. If you go DIY in places with snook and bonefish, tossing a Clouser Minnow will give you a shot at both.
  • Caribbean. Most people will think of Andros in the Bahamas or Jardines de la Reina in Cuba, but the Caribbean is filled with other bonefish and permit fisheries that can’t be generalized into a single category. Fish range from the typically smaller Bahamas bones to the fewer but larger fish in the French Antilles. Sandy bottoms won’t require them, but make sure your flies have weed guards if you are fishing skinny turtle grass water. Avalon Permit Flies and the likes are sure shots in slightly deeper flats and don’t overlook Alphlexo Crabs either.
  • Florida Keys. Everything’s bigger in the US they say, including bonefish and bonefish flies. Be brave and size up to even #2, which is also perfect for permit. Bring along shrimp patterns like Spawning Shrimps, but don’t forget your crabs either!
  • Seychelles. If you have a chance to get travel to Alphonse, Cosmoledo, Farquhar and other outer atolls, you’re in for a blast! Our Alphlexo Crabs are the same ones that are sold in Alphonse lodge and are a killer for both Indo-Pacific permit and bones. Don’t forget your other standard bonefish flies either.
  • Hawaii and Cook Islands. Hawaii and Aitutaki are famous for a chance to hook monster bonefish that seldom consent to be reeled in. Especially the double digit Hawaiian bonefish tend to favor deeper flats, which is why also carrying more heavily weighted flies can be crucial. Flies can be larger than in the Caribbean and Mexico, and don’t forget to have dumbbell weighted options in your fly box.
  • Los Roques. Bring all your standard bonefish stuff to Venezuela, but don’t forget small Gummy Minnows! These guys love to feed on baitfish.

This is of course very generalized piece of advice – since each location has different conditions and seasons, be prepared for varying fishing conditions. Especially seen-it-all skinny water bonefish will drive you crazy by refusing all less-than-perfectly served options, and you’ll have a ton more confidence knowing you have options in your fly box the fish have not seen yet. Tight lines and keep that drag loose!

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