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Tarpon flies

Tarpon flies have very specific criteria that will make or break them. Unlike other predatory saltwater gamefish like GTs or Jacks, tarpon usually prefer a laid back retrieve that calls for completely different materials. This calls for flies and fly materials that work also when stripped slowly, which is why for example zonker strips and marabou are popular materials.

Another important consideration to check when you buy tarpon flies is obviously having a high quality hook. We favor high quality saltwater hooks with short shanks, such as Gamakatsu SL12S 1X Short, Tiemco 600SP and Owner Aki. It is paramount that your hook is sharp and able to penetrate the tarpon’s hard mouth, while enduring its famous acrobatics. No worse feeling than being let down by a cheap hook!

Our tarpon fly selection covers just about everything you might need to chase the silver king:

Be sure to have dark colors (for example combinations of black & purple or black & red) with you for stained water. Brighter colors come in handy when the water is clearer. If you are fly fishing mangroves or beaches that have snook around, don’t be surprised if you end up having a nice side catch with these flies.

So have a look at our hand-curated selection for tarpon – if you are looking to hit your grand slam, also check out our permit and bonefish flies!

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