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Atlantic Salmon Flies

Salmon fishing is surely the most mythical form of fly fishing. Many spend a lifetime trying to understand the mental landscapes of these elusive creatures – and a fortune in satisfying this addiction. After waiting a long year and investing a ridiculous amount of money in gear, licenses, trips and what not, you really don’t want your salmon flies to let you down at the river bank. Enjoying the scenery is part of the experience. Catching chrome bars while doing so is even more fun.

Our roundup of premium Atlantic salmon flies has been designed to cover you in all possible situations with maximum confidence. Find all the doubles, tubes, trebles, hitches or dries needed for different water levels, rivers and techniques. If you are unsure of what kind of arsenal to gather, check out our recommendations for different destinations and our hand-picked fly selections for inspiration.

One of our specialties is a broad selections of Scandinavian and Finnish patterns. You’ll find flies like Phatakorva, Pompero, Ake, Mikkeli Blue, Panomies and Sarvijaakko, all extremely popular throughout Norther Norway, Russia and Finland. We also carry an extensive smorgasbord of Loop doubles, small Pluppis style coneheads and beautifully tied tubes from Den Vanliga to Gaula Green.

That said, you’ll also find an endless array of internationally recognized salmon flies. Just as a few examples, we have about 30 Frances variations and over 20 versions of Sunray Shadow in our selection. Classics like Willie Gunn, Thunder & Lightning and Ally’s Shrimp come in so many enticing variations that we’re quite confident you’ll find exactly what you need. If not, do send us a message and we’ll try to fix it!

You’ll even find more exotic patterns for extremes like a gin clear Icelandic waters or a flooding Baltic salmon river. Be it a size #18 wee treble, tiny micro hitch or a ridiculously oversized Mega Frances, you can practice one stop shopping to fill your fly box. Welcome to explore our selection – we really hope it will help you catch your salmon of a lifetime!

For more tips and recommendations on salmon flies, check out our series of articles were we pick the brains of seasoned fly fishing guides of top destinations:

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