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Coastal Sea Trout Flies

Coastal sea trout fishing is rising in popularity in the Nordics and Baltic Sea area – described even as the bonefish of the Nordics.

Sea trout flies range from small, nymph-sized gammarus to large baitfish pattern that could pass as herrings. Depending on where you are fishing, you’ll need to customize your fly selection accordingly. As a general guidance, it might be worthwhile having a few different sea trout fly types in your box:

  • Shrimp flies. Especially important in Gotland, Fyn and elsewhere in Denmark and southern shores of the Baltic sea, as well as Northern Norway. Hard to go wrong with for example Glimmer Reje or Mulkkis, CDC Shrimp and our Pattegrisen Variant.
  • Gammarus imitations. Bread and butter stuff everywhere – sea trout love digging into small shrimp-like gammarus and other crustaceans that can be found in cold-water shallows. Kobberbassen is the undisputed king of this category.
  • Baitfish flies. Sticklebacks, herring and sandeels are some of the most important baitfish on the menu. Especially in the Northern Baltic Sea areas like Finland and Åland baitfish herring patterns like Haili and Drags Devil have a highlighted role, with shrimp less abundant than in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The Craft Fur Baitfish is popular also in all of these locations.
  • Sandeel flies. Yes, these are also baitfish, but have their distintive appearance. Surf Candy is a legendary allround saltwater fly that works perfectly as a sandeel with its long and slim profile.
  • Dry flies. Less common but all the more fun and effective! Flies in the spirit of Foam Beetle are successfully used for sea trout at least in the Baltic shores of Germany. Highly recommended!
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