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Norway is the undoubted Salmon Mecca of the Nordics, and probably the world for that matter. Although famous for big Atlantic salmon rivers like Alta and Tana, Norway is also an amazingly versatile fishing ground. We’ve got you covered from Finnmark up north all the way down south through Beiar, Gaula, Surna, Orkla, Reisa, Årøy and Surna.

Selecting your Norway salmon flies can be as easy as just grabbing one of our carefully designed selections:

  • Gaula and Surna salmon fly selection. Put together by ou Surna river contact, these flies will also work well on the practically next door Gaula (and may other salmon rivers in Central Norway).
  • Finnmark salmon flies. Northern Norway flies chosen by Arctic Fishing guides Teemu and Pasi – here are their personal favorites for Lakselva, Repparfjordelva, Vestre Jakobselva and the like.

We do have over 600 salmon fly patterns in our shop, so you can easily customize a boxful of flies to your own taste. If you need some further inspiration for specifically Northern Norway, have a look at Arctic Fishing guides’ thoughts about Finnmark fly fishing techniques and flies.

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