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Permit flies

For many, the infuriatingly picky permit is the ultimate yardstick of one’s fly fishing skills. Presentation, stealth and casting skills are key. Top quality  flies will further increase the chances of not seeing your budding grand slam slip away. Get ready for your flats adventure and buy the best permit flies for your flats fly fishing trip!

Most of the same flies work for both bonefish and permit, however permit usually prefer larger options. If your average bonefish fly would be a #6, our most popular permit size is perhaps a #2. This however also depends on where you are fishing – you can go even larger for big Caribbean or Florida permit, which often prefer big shrimp flies like the Avalon Permit Fly.

On the other hand, fly fishing for Indo-Pacific Permit in the Seychelles, which are noticeably smaller on average, calls for slightly smaller fly sizes and is almost exclusively focused on crab flies. Or let’s put it this way: the Alphlexo Crab is pretty much all you need. A great pattern also for permit in Mexico, Belize and the Caribbean, but the Seychelles is the real sweet spot for it.

Our permit flies include two types of Alphlexos: the ones with “original” in their name have been tied by the same tiers as the ones used by Alphonse guides in the Seychelles. These are as premium as they get. Our regular Alphlexos are also top quality, but have longer legs that we think look better with a slight trim – just cut the legs to your desired length and quickly burn the tips with a lighter.

Have a look at our permit flies and if you think something is missing, be sure to also check if it has been listed as one of our bonefish flies!

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