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Giant Trevally Flies

The best GT flies for the gangsters of the flats! One of the toughest pound-for-pound fighters of the ocean is a real challenge on the fly. Seeing a pack chase and devour your baitfish imitation is just the beginning. Seconds later you’ll find your line snagged in corals or start an exhausting tug of war session. Equip yourself for this match with our giant trevally flies – tied on premium hooks with experience. We’ve tested them ourselves and been successful especially in Alphonse, Cosmoledo and Farquhar atolls in the Seychelles.

GT flies do have a few fundamental requirements: most importantly, hooks need to be STRONG and endure serious pressure in saltwater environments. Secondly, the fly needs to be in the water when you spot a pack of geets riding the incoming wave – while also catching their attention. And despite being one of the fiercest predators, GT flies also need to actually trigger the strike. Perhaps surprisingly, GTs will refuse flies they have followed, sometimes for no apparent reason, too slow retrieves, wrong fly choice and so on.

This calls for being properly equipped. Brush flies are our own weapon of choice for GT in many situations. Especially the Pearl Brush Fly can at times be absolutely unmatched – during others it can be completely off. Bring a few alternative Brush Fly and Magnetic Minnow colors along with you, without forgetting poppers. NYAP, Not-Your-Average-Popper, is a household name in the world of giant trevally flies. In addition to GTs, the same flies can be used for Bluefin Trevally.

Have a look and buy GT flies that won’t let you down!

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