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Saltwater Flies

Our selection of saltwater flies is the result of years of trips to places like the Seychelles, Cuba, Florida, Indian Ocean, Mexico and more, where we have had the chance to fish with exceptional saltwater guides and anglers. We rely on our own supply ourselves, and can therefore recommend them first hand!

Saltwater fly fishing takes you to some of the most beautiful locations on the planet and offers some of the most suspenseful and thrilling hunts. To give you the best shot at success, our selection of saltwater flies has you covered for every species and location:

We carry saltwater flies mainly with strong Gamakatsu and Tiemco saltwater hooks, that are specifically designed to endure the harsh realities of the flats and mangroves. Strong fish (whether its a sprinting bonefish or wrestling GT) and saline water really put your hooks to the test – you don’t want to blow your chances on cheap hooks, after spending time and money for the trip of a lifetime.

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