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Pike Flies

When size matters. Pike flies are a breed of their own in size and profile. You can successfully use your classic saltwater streamers, but usually “the bigger the better” applies. Our pike fly selection offers a variety of hollow-style schlappen-tail flies, as well as slinky and other synthetics.

In fact, we had the privilege of digging through our friend Markus Tandefelt’s (from Fly vs. Jerk) fly box. Many of our custom pike flies are exact replicas of his top models (thanks again!), which gives us a bit of extra confidence to recommend them. We used our favorite pike hook Partridge Universal Predator X. It has a bit of shank length to get the hook point closer to the tail, but not too much so that it holds fish nicely.

All of our pike flies are designed for easy casting as well as effective fishing. Pike fishing is brutal work: double-hauling huge flies often in windy conditions for long hours. If your flies have too much air resistance, you’ll easily be focusing more on casting more than fishing. Especially our bucktail and schlappen models are easy on the wrist – you won’t feel like you are casting 6-7 inch high-profile streamers.

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