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Patagonia Sea Trout

Even for many of our die-hard salmon fishing friends, the chase for Patagonian sea trout is actually the highlight of the year. Whether it’s legendary Argentinian rivers like Rio Grande and Rio Gallegos, or perhaps the Chilean Tierra del Fuego you are heading to, be sure to have some of our specialties for sea-run browns with you.

For some reason, the Argentinian and Chilean sea trout seem to LOVE rubber legs. Our selection has a variety of different nymphs and buggers tuned for their taste – from rubberlegged variations of classics like Copper John and Hare’s Ear to dedicated Patagonia sea trout specialties like the Yellow Yummy Bugger. It’s not all just nymphs though – our fly selection curator Jasper Pääkkönen caught one of his largest Rio Gallegos sea trouts on an aluminium Sunray Shadow, and you shouldn’t forget dries in the right conditions either! Salmon doubles like the Finnish AKE are not half bad either…

Find all the rubberleg nymphs, buggers and other flies you’ll need to succeed – all tied on strong hooks that will do the job!

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