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Charity flies

Our mission at Superflies isn’t only to offer you the best flies, but supporting native fish populations and habitats doing so. That’s why we regularly support important conservation initiatives by donating profits of dedicated campaign flies.

We are extremely proud to announce our first charity partnership with Virho ry, a Finnish non-profit organization conserving destroyed habitats in Southern Finland for Atlantic salmon, sea-run brown trout and other native salmonids. Each fly sold in this campaign will produce 1€ per fly to their conservation efforts.

And that’s not all: we are selling these flies at a hefty discount! They are all premium flies tied on quality hooks and with first class materials. However, we have set them aside from our regular selection due to minor deviances like a too long/short wing, a different color rib than the original recipe or other detail. In other words, you will catch fish just as effectively, save a few bucks and support a good cause in the meanwhile. What you see in the product pictures is what you get!

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