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1€ Charity

Supertinseli Daiichi Single


For each fly sold in this category, we donate 1€ directly to charity. All of these flies are made using the same premium materials as the rest of our selection. However, they might contain minor flaws such as a different colour rib than the original recipe or a shorter/longer wing. Although we are confident you’ll catch just as much fish we are now also selling them at a lower price for a good cause!

This particular fly has been tied on a #6 Daiichi hook, which is a rather thin hook in the smaller sizes. Although tied well, we’re selling it as a discounted Charity Fly because we would prefer a slightly stronger and larger hook for the profile of the fly. Supertinseli is synonymous to streamer fishing in Finland. Without exaggeration, it must be the first choice streamer for about 90% of trout anglers there – and certainly ours. You can swing it if you feel like it, but often a more effective technique is dead drifting upstream with a floating line. Although a simple fly in theory, perfecting the shape has been one of our most long-lasting projects – now we can with good confidence claim that it is tied “just right”! Tied on a Daiichi 2461 hook. Also available: Supertinseli tied on a TMC 8089 and Partridge hooks.

Quantity Range Unit Price
1-2 1 - 2 0%
3-6 2 - 5 10%
6+ 6 + 15%
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