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1€ Charity

Chenille Pupa


This premium quality fly is part of our charity fly selection, where we donate 1€ per each fly directly to river conservation work. Part of the batch being tied with a slightly longer tail, which is why it is part of our Charity Flies selection. If you prefer a shorter tail, simply cut off the chenille to your taste and carefully heat the end with a lighter for a tapered finish.

Chenille Pupa is one of the most popular patterns for targeting caddis pupa hatches – arguably the greatest occasions a trout angler can run into. New competitive angling rules don’t seem to allow the the use of overhanging materials like the chenille butt in this case. For the rest of us, it still offers an unmatched, realistic way to fool even the pickiest browns. Tied on a quality Ahrex FW540 hook.

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3-6 2 - 5 10%
6+ 6 + 15%
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