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Trout Essentials

Our picks of the most important trout and grayling flies. Trusted dries and nymphs that will become the cornerstones of your fly box.

Bloody Mary Beadhead

Caddis Borealis

Copper John Brass Beadhead

Klinkhamer Special

Klinkhamer Special

Klinkhamer Special

Marabou Muddler Black

Marabou Muddler Perch

Parachute Adams

Parachute Caddis

Parachute Caddis

Perdigon Green Tungsten Jig

Perdigon Orange and Silver Jig

Pheasant Tail Beadhead

Squirmy Worm

Squirmy Worm

Supertinseli TMC hook

Temporarily unavailable

Woolly Bugger

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