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Sunray Shadow


Sunray Shadow is the disputable king of shadow flies. When the situation calls for strong silhouette and contrast, you tie on a Sunray Shadow. And even when it doesn’t, many still do – and catch fish. One of the most effective searching patterns out there when you need to quickly scan through a large pool. An excellent example of how a salmon fly can be dead simple, with only a wing and no body, but still amazingly effective. Although these are “regular” Sunrays, some are also equipped with a hole on the side of the tube that allows hitching if needed. Also available: Aluminium Tube and Muddler Sunray variation.

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Reviews (2)

  • Tuomas (verified owner)

    I fish in Norway all week with this Sunray Shadow. It worked and held the condition excellent after a few severe fights with Atlantic Salmon.

  • jasper (verified owner)


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