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Simojoki Selection

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Simojoki is one of the few salmon rivers in Finland with a strong Baltic salmon population. Our Simojoki selection has been created together with a Simojoki guide Sampsa Köykkä and covers most of the situations you might face at the river. Templedogs, medium-sized doubles and trebles as well as a few Sunrays form the basis of your fly box. Colors are tinted to dark, orange and gold to match the slightly humus-tinted water.

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Ally's Cascade Shrimp Loop Double

Ally's Cascade Shrimp Silver Double

Ally's Purple Cascade Shrimp

Ally's Yellow Shrimp

Ambulance Templedog

Amsel Fly

Banana Fly Copper Tube

Black Bear Flaming Pig Tube

Black Brahan

Dark Thunder Templedog Conehead

Den Vanliga Tube

Dirty Banana Fly

Flashabou Garry

Ghillie Treble

Golden Killer Templedog Conehead




Munro's Killer Longtail Treble

Orange Killer Templedog Tube

PBP Shrimp Black


Shadow Shrimp Treble

Silver Killer Templedog

Stenton Shrimp

Sunray Shadow

Willie Gunn Tube

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