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1€ Charity

Silver Stoat’s Tail


Now you have an excellent opportunity to directly support conservation projects by buying flies from our Charity selection!

For each fly sold in this category, we donate 1€ directly to charity. All of these flies are made using the same premium materials as the rest of our selection, but might contain minor flaws such as a different colour rib than the original recipe or a shorter/longer wing. That’s why we are also selling them at a lower price – although we are confident you’ll catch just as much fish. What you see in the pictures is what you get!

Check out Superflies owner Jasper Pääkkönen’s tips for using the Silver Stoat’s Tail: “A bread-and-butter fly for all Nordic rivers – the silver-bodied Stoat’s Tail is simple but effective. Choose a small size, say #12, cast 45 degrees downstream and strip as fast as you can with short, sharp strips. During midsummer and late season this can be a lethal technique.” Tied on a Mustad DL71U hook.

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