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Lapland Trout Flies Selection by Fly Fishing Team Finland

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All the essentials for fishing trout and grayling in Lapland. Especially tailored to the Finnmark region in Northern Norway by Juho Strandman from Fly Fishing Team Finland. However, Juho has been using the same flies and tactics successfully also doing mixed grayling and trout fishing in Northern Sweden. Read more about Juho’s tactics, tricks and how to use the flies in this selection in our article!

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Bouface Bugger

Foam Pupa

Foam Pupa

Glue Larva Gold Bead

Glue Larva Pink Bead

Musta Kostaja

Orange Tag Light Pink Disco Bead

Orange Tag Silver Disco Bead

Parachute Adams Hi-Viz

Parachute Adams

Parachute Caddis Barbless Hi-Viz

Parachute Caddis

Pietu's Pupa

Squirmy Worm



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