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1€ Charity

Executioner hitch


Now you have an excellent opportunity to directly support conservation projects by buying flies from our Charity selection!

For each fly sold in this category, we donate 1€ directly to charity. All of these flies are made using the same premium materials as the rest of our selection. However, they might contain minor flaws such as a different colour rib than the original recipe or a shorter/longer wing. Although we are confident you’ll catch just as much fish we are now also selling them at a lower price for a good cause!

Superflies owner Jasper Pääkkönen: “In my opinion small surface-cruising hitches like the Executioner are a mandatory element in every salmon angler’s arsenal in July-August. Hitching is an extremely efficient method in getting a passive salmon to rise – if the fish gets cold feet during the last inches, a quick switch to a small double hook will often do the trick. This is also an exciting style of fishing because you can see every strike!”

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