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White Ghost Zonker

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1€ for the fish! This model is part of our charity campaign – for every fly sold, we donate 1 euro to conservation. The first organisation we ahave chosen to support is Virho, a Finnish non-profit that restores native salmonid habitats in Southern Finland. All of the flies we sell under this campaign are guaranteed Superflies quality with prime materials and hooks, but are sold with a hefty discount due to small defects like too long or short wings or the rib color being different from the original recipe. What you see in the picture is what you get – so fill up your fly box with excellent value while supporting a good cause!

The White Ghost Zonker is a heavy streamer that can be fished like a leech or nymph along the bottom or swung like a streamer when you need to get just a tad deeper. Will attract just about any freshwater baitfish-eating species.

Tied on a Daiichi 2220 -koukkuun.

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