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Aslak’s Early Season Flies for Torne River

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Our Baltic Salmon fly selection is based on Kengis Bruk lodge manager Aslak Lund’s recommendations for Torne and Lainio rivers. His experience is that the same flies work also on Byske, Kalix and other salmon rivers in Northern Sweden. Aslak believes in having a limited amount of fly models, but each in a couple of different sizes and weights. This early season selection is inteded especially for high water and colder water, which is typical for June after the spring flood. For warm and low water conditions during summer moths check out Aslak’s Summer Flies for Torne River. He personally prefers weighted tubes, but there are also unweighted plastic tubes available from most of these models. You can read more about Aslak’s thoughts on fly selection for Torne River and Baltic salmon in our related article.

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Banana Fly Copper Tube

Black & Orange Templedog Tungsten Conehead

Den Vanliga Brass Tube

Frances Red Tungsten Conehead

Pearl Sunray

Phatakorva Copper Tube

Willie Gunn Copper Tube

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