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Ally’s Cascade Shrimp


A tiger can’t lose its stripes and salmon can’t stop eating shrimp. After bulking up for 1-4 years on the good stuff, it seems that hitting them is encoded in salmon DNA even during their “no-eat” river run. The same goes for other salmonids with a similar life cycle. Ally’s is probably the most famous shrimp pattern out there – banned on some rivers due to being too effective!

Our Ally’s Cascade Shrimps are available in Mustad and Loop double hooks – select which one you prefer:

  • Black doubles size 6-12 tied on a Mustad DL71U hook.
  • Loop doubles tied on a Loop double hook
  • Gold doubles and Silver Doubles tied on a VMC 9909 hook.

Also available: Yellow, Copper and Tummel.

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