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Klinkhamer Special


The number of names and spellings a fly has often correlates with its effectiveness. Well, here you can pick between Klinkhamer or Klinkhammer, throw in a few umlauts with Klinkhämer or Klinkhåmer, or just cut the crap and talk about Klinks. Or Klinkhamer Special, or… Anyway, Hans van Klinken hit the jackpot when putting together a parachute wing and simple body that hangs just below the surface film. While some flies attempt to match a specific hatch, the Klinkhamer just seems to pass as whatever the grayling and trout are eating. The larger sizes also work nicely as salmon dry flies! Tied on a Daiichi dry fly hook. Also available: Barbless Klinkhamer with a fl. pink post, designed by competition fly fishing world champions Team Finland.

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  • Marco Tomaso V. Catalano (verified owner)

    Good fly.

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