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Iceland Salmon Flies Selection for Midfjardará

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Hitches, dries and micro flies – Iceland is a paradise for surface fly fishing. Especially smaller rivers like Midfjardará, Laxá i Kjos, Selá, Hofsá, Langá, Nordurá or Vididalsá give you a chance to experience ultra light salmon fishing in often clear waters. We have fished especially Midfjardará, and put together a must-have set for this kind of fishing based on our experiences and preferences. Read more about fly selections to Iceland in our related article!

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Ally's Shrimp Micro Treble

Arndilly Fancy Hitch

Blue Charm Hitch

Blue Streak Hitch

Dimmbla Purple

Fl. Green Sunray

Fluoro Black Hitch


Frances Black Conehead

Frances Red Copper Tube

Frances Treble

Green Butt

Hairy Mary Micro Conehead

Harpa Micro Conehead

Haugur Treble

Munro's Killer

Nagli Treble

Pearl Sunray



Randy Candy

Sunray Shadow Hitch

Sunray Shadow Micro Tungsten Conehead

Wulff Bomber

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