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Bonefish & Permit

From Andros to Yucatan to Hawaii – the right bonefish & permit flies will make your saltwater fishing frustrating or rewarding. Permit are known as pretty much the most fickle eaters of the fly fishing world, and the prized bonefish don’t rank much behind. Bonefish flies are often shrimpy patterns with weighted eyes to turn the hook upside down. Permit love to take pretty much the same flies in often larger sizes, but the Alphlexo Crab type realistic crab flies can be even more effective.

In addition to having enticing, well-tied patterns, it is critical to be able to trust your hooks with these strong fish. With our bonefish & permit flies, you can always trust they have been tied on strong, quality saltwater hooks designed for the job. Get stocked with the perfect weights, sizes, and patterns so you’re prepared to tackle the flats of your fishing destination.